Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slacker's new wavelength for satellite radio

For a company calling itself Slacker, its business plan is awfully ambitious.

Debuting this week at the South by Southwest multimedia festival in Austin, Texas, Slacker is a distinctive new Web music service and portable music player from the San Diego-based company of the same name. Slacker calls its concept "personal radio," based on the idea that a majority of music player owners don't organize or update their music collections as often as they might like because the process is too technical, too time-consuming or both (hence, the "slacker" moniker).

The device-plus-service combines satellite radio, standard portable music player and Wi-Fi-enabled gadget with 10,000 custom music channels that users can tailor according to their taste, covering virtually every possible genre. The end result is essentially portable radio with video instead of audio ads--or, for a price, no ads at all--with content that refreshes automatically based on personal preference.

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